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Xerox Mobile Print Cloud - 25 Device Pack product photo

Xerox Mobile Print Cloud - 25 Device Pack

SKU: 300N03729
Xerox Mobile Print Cloud makes it possible for employees and guests to print to your printers without having to connect to their corporate network. Printing can be done from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC by simply emailing documents to a Xerox Mobile Print Cloud printer directly or by using one of the mobile printing apps available for iOS or Android.
    Now available to be sold in “print device” license packs. With these new packs, you can enable the number of printers identified as part of the pack, e.g., a 5 pack allows 5 printers to be enabled. Customers can add any number of devices they need by purchasing more device packs. Additionally, there are no limits on the number of jobs the customer is allowed to print. Each pack expires one year from activation.
    $ 1,999.00

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    Features and Benefits
  • Print From Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime, and nearly Any device—admin can choose who/what/when/where.
  • Print to Any printer/MFP, Xerox and Non-Xerox (Postscript/PCL networked)
  • True Microsoft Office/PPT/Excel rendering for all (e.g. includes all Android, iOS)
  • Push (Print Now) or Follow (Upload Now and Print Later)Workflows
  • AirPrint support for old, new, Xerox, Non-Xerox printers (2Q2014)
    • Easiest Setup as rated by Buyers Lab
    • 2013 BLI Mobile Solution Pick
    • Customer gets new features automatically when the cloud solution is updated.
      • Accounting, Authentication
      • Secure Print Release, SSL and more
      • Single Print Queue with Xerox Secure Access and Alliance Partners
      • Xerox Standard Accounting and Job Based Accounting Integration in conjunction with Xerox Secure Print, Unified ID System®,Equitrac Office®, Ysoft® SafeQ®, and Pharos®
      • LDAP authentication