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FreeFlow VI Design Express v16 for MAC

SKU: 300N03907

 VI Design Express is an Adobe® InDesign® plug-in, used to generate variable data applications driven by delimited or XML promotional data. Applications can include variable text, images, barcodes (including QR code and IMB). Powerful conditional logic, rules and data transforms are all easy to apply allowing you to generate powerful eye catching promotional documents such as fliers, tickets, coupons, postcards, etc. Output formats include VPC (VI Project Container), VPP and PDF. (TWO VERSIONS: PC and MAC).

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Key Applications
FreeFlow® VI Design Express is used to design and develop print applications that enable:
•   Personalized communications for print and presentment
•   Applications with Xerox Specialty Imaging
•   1:1 marketing and other variable data applications such as fliers, coupons, shelf-talkers, postcards, brochures, booklets, tickets, business cards, packaging, etc.

The minimum requirements are the same as the minimum requirements to run Adobe InDesign on a supported system. Adobe InDesign must be installed prior to installing the VDE software.

•   Multicore Intel processor
•   Mac OS X v10.9 or v10.10
•   4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
•   5GB or better available hard-drive space
•   1024 x 768 display
•   DVD-ROM/CD-ROM Drive
•   Internet access (to activate the license)

Note: When exporting the VI Project Container (.vpc) file format to the printer, FreeFlow VI Compose 15.0 must be installed on the target print device. If exporting the Design Express PDF file format, then the FreeFlow VI Compose software is not required. However, exporting the VI Design Express PDF is not as efficient as exporting and printing the .vpc file format.

Features and Benefits
FreeFlow VI Design Express Offers:
•   Creation of applications that contain variable information.
•   Export variable data applications using either VI Project Container - Recommended for Xerox Print devices enabled with the VI Compose, VI Design Express PDF - This is the VIPP PDF emitter, recommended for small jobs. (Xerox Specialty Imaging not supported when using PDF output).
•   Set in-line feeding and finishing for the application (device dependent).
•   Set in-line feeding and finishing for the application (device dependent)
•   Receive the benefits of VIPP Pro without having to learn the VIPP Pro Language such as: no chunking data files, no waiting for precomposition (.vpc output only), easy reprint capabilities.

New in VI Design Express v15
•   Import Prefixed Transactional Data—Customers can import transactional data into InDesign. This is the first step in enabling basic transactional and statement-based application development.
•   Data-Driven Business Graphics—InDesign can be programmed to enable dynamic pie, line and bar charts. This is the next step in producing transactional jobs.
•  Dynamic Table Support—Statements depend on table-based designs. Design Express’ advanced table features are the final piece toward enabling everyday transactional job design.
•   PDF-fillable forms support and PDF Digital Signature give designers the ability to build jobs with these fields and then capture the data after it has been entered by end users.