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Advanced DocuShare Training

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Learn about the workings of DocuShare beyond the User and Administrator Web interfaces. This self-paced course provides an under-the-hood look at DocuShare, but with an approach more technical than the basic User and Administrator courses.

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This course consists of 18 modules and can be completed in approximately 16 hours, excluding exercises. Begin with Module 1 - Course Introduction. The Student Workbook mirrors the course, page by page, so you can stop the course at any time, review the Workbook, write notes in the space provided, or perform the exercises that are located in the back of the modules.

You may skip modules if they are not appropriate to your learning needs.

  • Module 1 - Course Introduction
  • Module 2 - DocuShare Architecture
  • Module 3 - Installation
  • Module 4 - What's New
  • Module 5 - Indexing and search
  • Module 6 - Content Intake Manager
  • Module 7 - Domains and LDAP
  • Module 8 - Scanning
  • Module 9 - Email Agent
  • Module 10 - Federation
  • Module 11 - Xerox DocuShare Application Connector
  • Module 12 - Archive Server
  • Module 13 - Xerox Process Automation
  • Module 14 - Lifecycle Manager
  • Module 15 - Xerox ConnectKey for DocuShare
  • Module 16 - Site Page Customization
  • Module 17 - Command line Utilities
  • Module 18 - Troubleshooting methods
  • Technical Requirements
  • You can view this course using any computer browser or mobile device. The course runs in both HTML5 and Adobe Flash.
  • To view or print the workbook, your computer must be running Adobe Acrobat Reader. The latest version of Acrobat Reader is available on the Adobe web site.
  • Some of the course exercises require specific DocuShare features and add-ons, in addition to external resources such as an SMTP mail server or a second DocuShare site. You will need to provide all required software, site licensing, add-ons, and external resources.
  • Some of the course exercises require that you have administrator access to the server where DocuShare is installed.
  • Resources

    Want to get more information on DocuShare, or download a free 30-day trial? Do you have a technical question? Visit the Xerox DocuShare Resources Center